The Gladstone Region Multicultural Festival is our annual event. In 2019 the attendance record made it to over 10,000 visitors. Find out more…

What We Offer


Social Integration

We champion the harmonious integration of new arrivals into Australian society without the loss of cultural identity.

Festivals & Events

We organise events that enable sharing in one another’s cultures and thus enrich our own lives.

Who We Are

We are a friendly and fabulous committee of members who volunteer our time and efforts to our cause and our Events.

The Gladstone Multicultural Association Inc. is a non-profit organization which was formed in 1998 to promote harmony amongst the different cultural communities found in the Gladstone region.


The group has several objectives to assist in the harmonious integration of new arrivals into the local community and within the Australian community, to develop social links between cultural communities to promote the benefits of a multicultural society, to share in one another’s cultures, to enrich our own lives and to develop a sense of pride in our diverse community (especially among the youth) in order to support harmony and reduce prejudices.

The Gladstone Multicultural Festival


The Gladstone Region Multicultural Festival is one of Gladstone’s Premier Events embracing the ideas of peace, education and enjoyment to achieve unity through diversity.


The festival is held in August with Information/Display international Food and Craft stalls from the many different company’s businesses organisations and cultural community’s groups from all of the Gladstone Region.

2021 Multicultural Festival Day – Saturday 28th August

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