What We Do


The Gladstone Multicultural Association Inc. is a non-profit organization which was formed in 1998 to promote harmony amongst the different cultural communities found in the Gladstone region.


The group has several objectives to assist in the harmonious integration of new arrivals into the local community and within the Australian community, to develop social links between cultural communities to promote the benefits of a multicultural society, to share in one another’s cultures, to enrich our own lives and to develop a sense of pride in our diverse community (especially among the youth) in order to support harmony and reduce prejudices.


The group provides assistance to new arrivals and Australians who have recently moved into the community from another city, from interstate and from overseas. We seek to provide to those who may be experiencing difficulties developing social ties, with contacts from their own background, as well as with the wider community through social gatherings.


We also assist where possible with information on how to access community and government resources and departments. Many of our members have experienced similar difficulties and can provide invaluable advice, information, service and support.

Festivals & Events


Our Objectives

To organise events that enable sharing in one another’s cultures and thus enrich our own lives.

To develop social and community links between cultures.

To promote the benefits of a multicultural society and a sense of pride in our diverse community, especially amongst the youth, in order to support harmony and reduce prejudice.

To organize and develop the annual Gladstone Multicultural Festival.

Social Integration


Our Objectives

Facilitate the harmonious integration of new arrivals into Australian society without the loss of cultural identity.

To work at a local level to promote an awareness and understanding of the migrant community within the broader community.

To identify social, political and human rights issues of particular concern to new arrivals and advocate for change through legal, governmental and political processes.

To develop, sustain and promote the skills, talents and expertise of new arrivals through involvement in social and community activities and government processes to build community capacity.

Programs & Services


Our Objectives

To assist new arrivals by providing settlement services and linking them to the appropriate local, state, or commonwealth services to meet their specific needs.

To provide programs which address the legal, personal, social and informational needs of migrants and new arrival to the Gladstone region.

To collaborate and partner with other agencies in the delivery of GMAI programs and services to maximise the benefits to clients.